The new Linerless labelling machine and label printer from Etiquette



An innovative new Print and Apply Linerless Labelling system is now available from Etiquette Labels Ltd - The UK's independent experts in label printing.  Designed and engineered to meet the growing industry demand for increased waste reduction and improved productivity, the TT-PA EVO 150 linerless label applicator is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional print and apply label printing.


  • Environmental sustainability - Eliminating the need for a release liner, Linerless Labelling systems improve waste reduction by removing label liner by-product.
  • Label roll capacity increase - Without a release liner, label quantities per roll can be increased by up to 40% thus improving productivity and reducing packaging and shipping costs.
  • Reduced Labelling Machine Downtime - Label lengths/widths and machine settings on the TT-PA EVO 150 linerless label applicator can be changed without the need to stop production and change label reels.
  • Print Flexibility - Linerless labels can be printed on a range of media, from plastic films to paper reels.

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